Composited Images Composited Images Lynx Man Is Wishing Digital composition, photographic collage and digital painting. I set up the photographic shot with the model, photographed it with a Canon 7D, composited the image to a background, and then overpainted elements using digital tools, including, hair, water and the floating island. Lastly I manipulated light and colour matches. 141770763 Lament Of The Cherub Digital Composition, photographic collage and painting. I set up a still life of a violin and photographed it. I composited a stone statue of a cherub (purchased stock image) on top, giving the little figure digitally-painted skin tones and texture, 'real hair', realistic shadows and 'real eyes'. I added the splashing tear and small puddle (digitally drawn). Lastly, I matched the directional light source from the background image to the figurine. 141770764 Book Illustration This is a digital creation featuring a character from my novella for children, "An Accidental Fate." The dragon is the main character and unlikely hero of the novella. copyright A Metoudi 154667472 Drawn Correction This photo composite combines 2 separate photos, which I took with my very basic low resolution mobile phone a few years ago (2006). I removed unwanted objects (background vehicles) as well as the dog's lead (my pet greyhound) and overhead cables. I redrew the dog's right foreleg and chest as they were originally obscured from view by the dog's lead. copyright A Metoudi 144293213 Icon This image started as a photograph which I painted over digitally. The background layer was designed using Gimp and Photoshop, as was the bow and arrow. Design elements and drawing were conceived and executed directly in Photoshop without preliminary sketches. copyright A Metoudi 155222018 Rsearch Poster DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.1.4902.9526 This image comprises an on location contemporary photograph that I took (2013), combined with archived images of children as victims of various wars including the Holocaust, and victim/perpetrators of contemporary war. A film screenshot from the film "Come and See" is included, along with various designed elements created in Photoshop. This image is a research artifact for my PhD. DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.1.4902.9526 201833000