Photographs Photographs Stolen Lives Award winning photographic design for cross-border Justice and Equality competition and exhibition (2012), curated by Irish Artist Colin Martin from the Royal Hibernian Academy. copyright A Metoudi 201832955 Man in Costume This is a colour modified photograph taken by Alison Metoudi on location. copyright A Metoudi 154666544 My New Hat Photograph of Jenny on location (October 1956- May 2016). copyright A Metoudi 154650285 Carpenter Taken on location in Nazareth, Israel, using a very basic mobile phone in 2008. A second human figure was removed from the background. copyright A Metoudi 155240150 Bodhran and Violin This is a staged indoor still life which I set up and photographed using mainly natural light and a second-hand coolpix camera. copyright A Metoudi 145051084 Nazareth Flock This started off as a basic low resolution phone snap. I liked it despite the low resolution of the original image, so I built it up in post, adding images, altering the light source and converting it to black & white. copyright A Metoudi 154651607 Ropes and Bollard copyright A Metoudi 161642271 Turquoise and Coral This is a still life that I set up next to a natural light source. I photographed it with an old second-hand coolpix. copyright A Metoudi 155223867 Children Playing I went 'walkabout' with my new Canon 7D in the summer of 2012, and was delighted with the results. copyright A Metoudi 161643683 Lifeguard Passing By copyright A Metoudi 161651466